Saturday, September 12, 2009

Giuliana Rancic Hairstyle, Makeup, Fashion - 2009, 2010 Style

Giuliana Rancic Hairstyle, Makeup, Fashion - 2009, 2010 Style

Celebrity news reporter Giuliana Rancic attended the launch of Victoria’s Secret new fragrance line, “Heavenly Enchanted,” in Los Angeles. While there she posed for pictures with Miranda Kerr and Melissa Rycroft. Giuliana looked both casual and classy. She wore a simple blue and white outfit with white high heel sandals. She wore a blue satin tank top tucked into the wide waistband of a white pencil skirt. The skirt had a diamond pattern and the waist was very high; it made Giuliana look like her torso was unnaturally short, but it was a look she pulled off gracefully without looking weird.
Giuliana Rancic 2009-2010 Styling

Giuliana’s wedding ring shone on her finger and she seemed proud to show it off. She matched her skirt with white nail polish. Her watch and another ring were brown, matching her hair and tying her whole outfit together. She topped it off with a necklace that had a large, gold charm made of interlocking loops. Giuliana wore her hair down and straight. Her bangs are long and she let them fall naturally around her face. The highlights in her hair were a nice addition, whether they are natural or not. Highlights give a lot of personality to anyone’s hair, as long as they aren’t overdone, which Giuliana seems to know. Her lashes could have used a bit more fullness to them, but it didn’t detract from her beauty at all. She lined her eyes with a bit of blue underneath, and it brought out the brown color while brightening them up. She completed her look with a touch of blush, bronzer, and a pink lipstick, giving her a bit of color.


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